Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Chapter The Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gimmell

Author Nikki Gimmell

 Cover pic of The Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gimmell

Dear Sir,

 I am taking the liberty of sending you this manuscript, which I am hoping may interest you.

 It was written by my daughter. Twelve months ago she vanished. Her car was found at the top of a cliff in the south of England, yet her body was never recovered. Despite extensive questioning of several people close to her the police concluded it was a case of suicide and closed their file. Others speculate that she may have staged her disappearance. I'm not sure about scenario and the uncertainty of it all, I must admit, has consumed my life.

 She was completing a book at the time of her disappearance. It was in her laptop which the police returned to me. I'm the only person, as far as I know, whom she told about what she'd been working on. It's about a married woman's secret life, and my daughter wished to remain anonymous because she wanted to write with complete candour; she feared she'd only end up censoring herself if her name was attached. She also wanted to protect the people around her, and herself.

 I read through her manuscript in the hope of finding a reason for her vanishing, and I felt her life open up before me like a flower. How much I didn't know. How much I didn't want to know. She was a stranger to me in many ways and yet the person closest to me.

 My first instinct, I must admit, was to just delete the book and forget about it, but it's been a long time since her going, and even though I've never stopped hoping it will be her on the end of the line when the phone rings, I feel now, that I owe it to her to help if I can and find a publisher for her work. I believe it's what she wanted, very much. Her happiness is, ultimately, all I ever wanted for her.

 So, here is The Bride Stripped Bare. Thank you for your time.

 For my husband. For every husband.

Lesson 1
honesty is of the utmost importance

Your husband doesn't know you're writing this. It's quite easy to write it under his nose. Just as easy, perhaps, as sleeping with other people. But no one will ever know who you are, or what you've done, for you've always been seen as the good wife.


- Debolina Raja Gupta

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